Australia + Asia w/ Anne-Marie.

Ever since I first picked up music photography as a teenager I always dreamed that someday I’d get the opportunity to go on tour but I never expected it to be like this. At the end of March I left the US for the first time ever and headed to New Zealand to join Anne-Marie on her tour throughout Australia + Asia. Here’s a few snapshots from along the way…


AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 18.jpeg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 17.jpeg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 16.jpeg



AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 22.jpeg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-54.jpg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 23.jpeg

St. Kilda

NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-10.jpg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 20.jpeg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-19.jpg


NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-4.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-43.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-9.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-31.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-18.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-11.jpg


NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-55.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-28.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-7.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-29.jpg



AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 9.jpeg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-36.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-6.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-53.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-39.jpg



NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-8.jpg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid.jpeg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 8.jpeg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 1.jpeg
AM-Aus Asia Polaroid 11.jpeg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-14.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-13.jpg
NB-AM-Aus + Asia-35mm-21.jpg
Scan 1.jpeg